Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two weeks till we hit the Salt!

Meet my lovely wife Michelle, She is currently an AMA land speed record holder. In 2008 she set a record of 102.1mph in the M-P 650 class on her 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic. Her personal best was 102.389mph

This year ('09) Michelle will be piloting a 2002 Yamaha Road Star Warrior. We have many things to change before it is race ready. Looks pretty stock now but in two weeks it should be a full on Land Speed Racer.

We will be adding a new set of skins from Avon Tyres

We will be lowering the rear end with an 1" lower shock from Progressive Suspension.

Fuel management will be tuned with a Dyno Jet Research Power Commander III. Running through the gears will be aided with a Dyno Jet Quick Shift that will be attached to the new rear sets I will be fabricating to fit Michelle.

We will be upgrading to high compression pistons and putting fire to the cylinders with new coils and plug wires from Dynatek High Performance Electronics

We have only run the Warrior on the Dyno up to top speed. In top gear at 5000 rpm it does 125 mph. We plan to push it faster down the measured mile. To help us do that we will be losing the stock belt drive and running a chain drive with tranny and rear wheel sprockets from Orient Express Racing.

I have more parts on the way and will update when they arrive. Be looking for updates on the project as it progresses over the next two weeks.

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