Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home work gets done and did some machining.

Klock Werks is literally a family affair. Michelle and Ti came into the shop about 6 pm with fried chicken, chocolate pudding and strawberries. I put up a lift wiped it down with brake cleaner and we ate supper at the lift. When we were done Ti got out her homework and Michelle started sketching ideas for a paint job.

I found that I needed to turn down a collar on the front sprockets for clearance purposes. So chips flew.

The part below is the front sprocket shroud. The boss on the right hand side with the two holes is in the way of the new chain drive and has to go. So I cut it off and had to fab a bracket to replace the support that was removed when the boss was removed.

While working on the new support bracket. Michelle asked me to pose for the camera and this is what she got.


The new bracket on the sprocket shroud tacked into place.

Rear set parts came in this morning from my friend James Ramsey. These are some clean and functional parts. I will need to fab some mounting brackets and linkages for them. They should function just fine and look good too.

Should work well right about here.

Gonna be sweet!

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  1. Joe, good to see the whole family enjoys being involved with the bikes. Came across your blog from matt olson, via Chop Cult. Did you happen do graduate high school in Brookings?