Monday, August 31, 2009

Day one of the 2009 AMA Speed Trials by BUB

Sunday was an Amazing Day, Simply an Amazing Day. The weather was beautiful and the track conditions improved as the day went on. Early the track was a bit wet and turned a lot of riders away for the day. Which for us worked out fewer riders means shorter lines. And those who stuck it out were able to get in some good runs. Here is a brief look at Day one on the Salt.

Michelle, Myself and daughter Tiadra. Photo courtesy of Cyril Huze Blog.

I'm so lucky to have my mother Marlys and father Dan spend some time on the salt with us this year. Again photo from Cyril Huze

One more from Cyril. Be sure to check out his blog for everything that is news in the motorcycle industry.


Heading down the salt.

Michelle getting here engine sealed by the course stewards after putting down a record run. She is in the record books again! Now we work on bettering our own record unless another motorcycle comes in this week.

Day one and Cyril Huze has been so kind to our team and to my wife Michelle. Here Cyril is with Michelle and her timing slips. 136.439 mph with a backup run of 138.390 mph. Monday we hunt for 140 mph.

Our teams heroes of the Day. Ross Tomas and Michelle Mielke. Both set records on Sunday which are subject to AMA scrutiny and may or may not hold out through the week.

This is why we love Bonneville. Great friends and those little slips of paper that make us smile and some times cry!
Congratulations Ross and Michelle! Love you both.

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  1. congratulations! You are both amazing. Joe's pretty swell too.....behind every good racer is an awesome tuner. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.