Monday, August 31, 2009

Day two in the Bag. Come on Day three!

Short and sweet today. I’m so proud of Michelle. She is doing great. She only made two passes down the course today but they were enough to bump up her record. Her first pass was at 140.021 mph and she had a return run with a bit of a head wind at 136.920 mph. With an average speed at 138.470.
Michelle was staged and ready to run again today but racing was called due to high winds blowing across the course. She is number one on the list and will be the first motorcycle down the course in the morning.
This is exciting!

My Mom and Dad are still here for another day or so.

Tiadra worked the radio tower where they announce all the runs and times. They even put here on the horn a couple of times.

These are just a bunch of shots from the day.

Day one of the 2009 AMA Speed Trials by BUB

Sunday was an Amazing Day, Simply an Amazing Day. The weather was beautiful and the track conditions improved as the day went on. Early the track was a bit wet and turned a lot of riders away for the day. Which for us worked out fewer riders means shorter lines. And those who stuck it out were able to get in some good runs. Here is a brief look at Day one on the Salt.

Michelle, Myself and daughter Tiadra. Photo courtesy of Cyril Huze Blog.

I'm so lucky to have my mother Marlys and father Dan spend some time on the salt with us this year. Again photo from Cyril Huze

One more from Cyril. Be sure to check out his blog for everything that is news in the motorcycle industry.


Heading down the salt.

Michelle getting here engine sealed by the course stewards after putting down a record run. She is in the record books again! Now we work on bettering our own record unless another motorcycle comes in this week.

Day one and Cyril Huze has been so kind to our team and to my wife Michelle. Here Cyril is with Michelle and her timing slips. 136.439 mph with a backup run of 138.390 mph. Monday we hunt for 140 mph.

Our teams heroes of the Day. Ross Tomas and Michelle Mielke. Both set records on Sunday which are subject to AMA scrutiny and may or may not hold out through the week.

This is why we love Bonneville. Great friends and those little slips of paper that make us smile and some times cry!
Congratulations Ross and Michelle! Love you both.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We made it to Wendover and tomorrow we race!

What can I say. Been a long week since my last post. I hope to post some exciting stuff over the next week. I'm going to catch up with a bunch of pictures and some info and leave it at that. Thanks to all of our supporters and to Klock Werks and Kiwi Indian.


John (Quigley) Patton washed the cylinders down before I gave them a bath in hot soapy water then wiped them down with ATP.

John is here ringing up the Wiseco pistons from Baron after he sized he pistons and cylinders.

Michelle and John installing the cylinders.

New high compression pistons.

Michelle cleaned all gasket surfaces before we assembled the remainder of the topend.

One of the brackets I made to set up the rear sets. I made them so they are fully adjustable up and down for rider comfort.

Speaking of comfort, I laid up a fiberglass seat pan so Michelle would have a soft place to rest her behind.

Here is the first stage of exhasut construction. The head pipes for a two into one setup.

Close up of the collector.

Another shot of the head pipes with the merge section.

I made my own exhaust body too.

Starting to take shape.

Had to cut a couple of plates to finish off the merge section of the pipes.

Complete minus the header wrap. Check out the killer rear sets.

John and I got the Warrior on the Dyno right away and seasoned those new pipes!

Steering dampeners are required. We got the best from GPR. They don't make a model specific for the Warrior but Loren at GPR got me parts and I made it work.

All business on the Vortex clip ons.

I had to modify the Baron Big Air kit to fit the new Dynatek coils.

Fuel management, timing and everything ignition is handled by Dyno Jet/Power Commander.

Gearing ratios are key to land speed racing. Here is a Vortex rear sprocket I used for the new chain drive. I have PBI tranny sprockets.

My mess

Shot of the DEI fuel line sleeve we used. New rule this year that all fuel lines must be protected from heat with some sort of sleeve.

More sleeve and an inline Pingel fuel shut off valve. There was a bit of talk back and forth about this new rule requireing a positive fuel shut off valve. We'll know for sure when it comes time for tech inspection.

Almost there! Check out the Titanium header wrap. New product from DEI.

The other side.

Last few things to pass tech. Safety Wire!

Just got back from the first run NOT on the Dyno. I could not get going fast enough on the street to get out of first gear. She should move out pretty well. It did 150 on the Dyno at 5 grand. We'll see how we fair at the flats.

Ross had to check it out.

Everything on the list is taken care of. The rest is up to Michelle. If your reading this say a prayer for our Team and for all the other Teams on the Salt to have a fun and safe week of racing.